Take That Photo

These days we all carry cameras in our pockets. We can capture and record any event with very little effort and at a moment’s notice. Not surprisingly, a backlash has taken place. (From experience, anything that’s easy and rewarding enough for mass-adaptation is eventually frowned upon by early adopters.)

People are now derided for filming events instead of ‘being in the moment’. Kate Bush even banned cameras from her much-hyped comeback shows. Amongst all groups of friends, there’s always the inevitable member who photographs and videos goings on (that’s usually me), and while they might seem annoying now, in 20 years time when you want to look back, you’ll be glad for their amateur documentaries.

Having recently discovered some videos of my family that were taken in the early 90’s (when I was 5!), I am firmly of the attitude that its our duty to make sure future generations have an opportunity to see such material. Seeing your parents and grandparents as young people really changed my view of them, strangely putting my own life into perspective. While I’m sure future generations won’t care to see a Kate Bush concert that will undoubtably end up being available to buy anyway, seeing their mum/dad/uncle dancing, smiling and enjoying the event would be fascinating.

So loose your cool, and get that camera out. Take that photo. You’ll glad you did.

(Though I’m still not sure about iPads at gigs)



iPhone OS 3

While self confessed geeks and technology enthusiasts like myself may get 2 or 3 years out of a device (if that, I know many people who switch phone multiple times a year), normal people expect to get a bit more out of these expensive gadgets. I found a first gen iPod Touch in my dad’s glove box today and thought I’d reminisce about how much iOS (then called iPhone OS) had changed, yet in some ways hasn’t much at all.

Home screen

2014-07-13 19.34.03

This was how it looked from iPhone OS 1 through to 3 – the metallic dock. The iPod Touch always had separate ‘Music’ and ‘Video’ apps, whereas iPhones has a single app called  ‘iPod’. No wallpaper, but apart from that it stayed pretty much the same until iOS 7 moved Spotlight search to the top instead of being on the left.

Lock Screen

2014-07-13 19.33.46-1

The lock screen stayed exactly the same until iOS 7 – the only minor change was the additional of a camera button in iOS 5.1.

Home button

2014-07-13 19.33.54-3

2014-07-13 19.33.45

The days before ‘multitasking’ (aka recent task switching) meant the home button ‘double tap’ action could be customised. I always remember having it be set to launch the music player. If you had ‘Show iPod Controls’ selected then you would get an alert box with music controls, no matter which app you were in. Multitasking.

iTunes Store

2014-07-13 19.33.54-2

The iTunes Store was a major selling point of the iPod Touch. Being able to wirelessly buy and play an album within minutes was pretty darn mind blowing at the time.


2014-07-13 19.34.04-2

The bundled lock screen images seem very ‘of their time’ – silhouettes with white ear buds.  

No Speaker

2014-07-13 19.33.46-2

This setting is a carry over from the classic iPod. The original iPod Touch had no loudspeaker. The noises it could make were on par with a Casio watch.


2014-07-13 19.33.47-2

Released in 2007, the iPod Touch got its last software update on February 2nd 2010.