Tower Block



I went to see this film on Sunday and it was not what I expected. It’s about a group of tower block residents who are in the process of being rehomed because the tower block is soon to be demolished.

The film starts with a brutal (and I mean brutal) murder of a teenager by 2 other teenagers. From there we start to get to know some of the residents – some are decent people, others intent on intimidation and violence. All of a sudden someone’s head explodes, and from there the residents learn that there is someone outside with a sniper rifle who is intent on seeing them all dead. From there we learn more about the characters, possible motivations of the killer, and their attempts to escape.

Some of the characters seemed a bit stereotyped, and the whole premise is a bit far-fetched. Even so, it was an enjoyable film that had me hooked, and I would definitely recommend it.