Apple Pay works over £30 in the UK

It’s still quite a common belief that Apple Pay only works for transactions under £30. Unlike standard contactless, there is no limit on Apple Pay transitions. The caveat being that the merchant need to have the latest kit, but many do. Your card provider may also decline unusually high transactions, but there is no set limit.

This is good as it brings closer a day when I don’t need to carry around my wallet. One of my biggest anxieties about not carrying a wallet is running low on fuel and not being able to refill my car. To that end, I’ve been trying out various petrol stations to see whether Apple Pay works over £30. Anecdotally,I’ve found that in BP stations the contactless sensor is switched off for transactions over £30, so waving your phone or watch in front of it does nothing. In Shell, it does work – usually to the surprise of the cashier  who was halfway through telling me “It won’t work for transactions over £30.” I’ve also paid for food in some local pubs, again to the surprise of the waiter.

So try it out in your local shops and see if they’re using the latest kit. You might find you can leave the wallet at home most days. Welcome to the future!