Apple Podcasts Update – Now Works!

Apple have finally updated their Podcasts App, and the good news is that it now works brilliantly. Before it used to crash, downloads would fail to start, and synchronisation between devices wouldn't always work. The animated cassette player has also been removed, while I quite liked the animating, the app is much more intuitive without it (more akin to the original iPod App in iOS) and that's got to be a good thing. The best feature of this app is by far the synchronisation of positions between devices. It mean you can listen to a show on your iPad at home in the kitchen, and when you go to the gym later on it has remembered where you got to.

The one thing the app is missing is the ability to download podcasts automatically without opening the app. iOS really could do with an API that allows apps to schedule in long, power-hungry tasks to be performed when the device is plugged in and idle.


Search 'Podcasts' in the store.


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