5 iPad Power User Tips

Here are 5 things you may not have known about your iPad.

Go direct to notifications from the Lock Screen

 iosscreenshot (4)

You can slide individual notifications to open the associated app instantly. Not very discoverable, but very useful!

Keep folders in the Dock

iosscreenshot (2)

Access your favourite apps from any of the home screens by keeping a folder in the dock.

Limit what your friends can see or do

iosscreenshot (1)

Lending your iPad out to someone? With “Guided Access” you can limit users to only one app, and even specify which parts of the screen will respond to touches. You simply triple-click the Home-button and enter your PIN to return to normal. Find this under “General > Accessibility”

Remind yourself where that app is

iosscreenshot (1)

Spotlight on iOS leaves a lot to be desired for when searching for apps. Thankfully it will tell you which folder an app is in, if any. Just check the column on the right – if there’s no folder mentioned, then it’s not in one.

Give presentations with a projector

iosscreenshot (3)

The iPad, along with Apple’s Keynote app can be used to give presentations. With the Apple VGA Adapter (or the HDMI adapter) you can display your slides on the projector, and view your presentation notes on the iPad’s screen. With the iPad 2 and above you can also display any app on the TV/projector.

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