The Painted Man–by Peter V Brett

image_thumb[1]I don’t usually read fantasy books, in fact before I read The Painted Man I’d never read a fantasy book. Not that I am one for boxing things into genres – I am far more likely to pick up a book on the merit of its author’s previous work or by reading reviews. Luckily my brother recommended me this book, and so I took it on holiday with me to Greece. Having just finished Stephen King’s Salam’s Lot, the pace style of this book was difficult to get used to. Once you get going however, this book comes into its own. The author takes his time to build a realistic, plausible world, one that is plagued monsters that arise from the core of the earth whenever the sun sets. The book follows three characters over a number of years, and by the time the story climaxes you really feel you are inside their heads and can fully empathise with them and their actions.

Along the way there is of course plenty of action, heartbreak and surprises – but what really makes this book so good is the fascinating world it exists in and the characters than inhabit it.

I was sad when I finished this book, not because the ending was bad (it’s not) but because I knew I would be leaving that world behind. Luckily there is a second book, and I’ve just started that. So far so good.

I highly recommend this book.

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